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Designing effective Data Visualisations

Effective Data Visualisations enable viewers to understand the data, grasp key insights and take appropriate action. In this workshop you learn the workflow and choices to achieve that.

What I Offer:

Online training


Online training for designers of data visualisations. From BI dashboards to the results of your analysis or models. You learn principles for effective communication.

Visual Communications

Clear, engaging, visual communication of data has been scientifically proven to enable faster and more accurate understanding of information (compared to data tables).

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

We provide bespoke training, tailored to the needs of your organisation (including using your existing content). Ensuring you get the return on investment that you rightly seek.

What delegates leave with:



Learn which chart types to use for which purposes, together with design principles.

Softer Skills step 2


Recognise bad design and the pitfalls to avoid, for ethical and effective design.

Softer Skills model


Follow a workflow for effective data visualisation, prompting you at each step.

Weak presentation of strong data always fails 

Are you wasting effort with poorly designed data visualisations (or just presenting tables of data)?

Does poor design mean that robust analysis or important insights are often ignored or discredited?

Are you risking your reputation as a result?


Data & Chart Types

Raise your awareness of the data types, visualisation tools and chart types to use.

Design Principles

Understand the design principles that guide achieving effective & ethical visualisations.

Practice Safely

Practice in a safe space with fellow online delegates, through our interactive exercises.

Next Steps:

Working with Laughlin Consultancy as your learning development partner is simple. Through 3 easy steps, a tailored training course is agreed and delivered as a live online event. You have full visibility of content & cost throughout.


Through an online meeting, we identify the learning priorities for your team and how training can be tailored.


Once we agree the best content & delivery platform, you will be provided with a costed proposal plus dates.


Delegates are sent invites to a live online learning event. Following successful delivery you will be invoiced. 

“Interactivity was really great. Engaging and nice to be working in groups. I now give much more consideration to my coding and what I am trying to show in my graphs.

Tim Rains

Senior Spacial Data Scientist, Sainsbury's

Unlike other online training providers, all our training is grounded in over 20 years of practitioner leader experience. You benefit from bespoke training, tailored to your organisation’s needs. Combining best practice theory (supported by Paul’s academic work with UK universities) with practical actions via interactive exercises.

Laughlin Consultancy is committed to your learning outcome. Supporting live training experiences with both recommended resources for further learning and membership of a private learning community on

Leaders can further strengthen their ability to sustain this improved team performance by using our leadership mentoring services

What our Clients say:

“A good balance between listening to Paul and then applying learning to examples in groups. I now think more about the graphs I use and explore new graphs

Stefan Subocz-Schram

Channel Insight Analyst, Tesco

“I liked how interactive this course was. I now think of different chart types and don’t just fall back on the usual ones.”

Jo Kent

Data Architect, BBC News Labs

“Great teamwork sessions. Good balance struck between theory and exercises. This allowed me to create clearer & more intuitive visualisations.

Michael Taylor

Senior Data Scientist, Royal Mail

How to speak to Paul:

“Developing effectiveness and efficiency in your data visualisation work will take time and will require your ongoing efforts to learn, apply, reflect and repeat again. I am still learning new things every day. It is a journey that never stops because data visualisation is a subject that has no ending.”

Andy Kirk in “Data Visualisation” 2nd edition