Leading a Customer Insight function is a challenging role, requiring a wide range of skills & knowledge. Drawing on a wealth of experience, our mentoring service offers the support & advice needed to get up the?learning curve.

A bespoke programme of monthly mentoring sessions will enable you to identify your needs, learn new skills & grow into being fully effective in your role.

The duration and length of mentoring programmes can vary to suit the client and what they are seeking to achieve. However, 6, 9 or 12 monthly sessions of 90 minutes are typical. Content varies depending on your goals, challenges & any needs identified. Almost all sessions include elements of both sharing relevant options to try (e.g. leadership approaches or insight techniques) and enabling you to reflect.

As well as benefitting from years of insight leadership experience and continued professional development, most clients also benefit from elements of leadership coaching within these mentoring programmes. This will include actively listening to you, giving you time to think, helping you become more aware of options and holding you accountable for the changes you choose to make. Other models from executive coaching practice may be used, if relevant and agreed with you as a client.

A clear contract will be agreed in the first meeting. This helps provide clarity as to the goal of these sessions, commitments from both parties and how we will measure success.


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