How can you ensure you get value from consultancy? Have you spent money on consultancy, in the past, only to not see any action as a result?

At Laughlin Consultancy, we choose to take a different approach. To avoid the risk of wasted consultancy spend, we only offer our consultancy service in combination with a means of helping you act on the recommendations. For some clients that means targeted training, bespoke to consultancy findings, empowering a team to take action. For others it means mentoring or coaching, to ?go on the journey? with the leader, supporting them in putting theory into practice.

In our experience, this approach makes all the difference. Focussing on action as a result, rather than just a pretty set of slides. Why not get in touch with us today, to discuss how a different approach to consultancy, could help your business?

Setting the right strategy, benchmarking your capability or solving business problems. All can be good reasons to engage experienced leaders as expert consultants. Laughlin Consultancy offers both proven best?practice models & practitioner experience to help you make the right decisions.

The focus of any specific consultancy engagement is driven by our client?s need, but some themes have emerged from our work in this area. A number of businesses still need to create a Customer Insight Strategy. To explain to their leaders, why customer insight is needed to achieve business strategy, envision them with the difference it could make & highlight current gaps. For a number of clients this has included benchmarking against our best practice models, stakeholder interviews & evaluation of current outputs.?

Another popular consultancy topic is how best to design the customer insight team. Such work has included guidance on core competencies, role definition, recruitment, career paths and development plans for team members. This work is informed by our wider practice, working with customer insight leaders across a range of industries, as well as experience in creating such teams from scratch.

Laughlin Consultancy offers tailored consultancy to meet your business need. This avoids the typical management consultancy approach of using template processes & slides. We also give you the benefit of working with an experienced customer insight leader and coach, who is able to understand your challenges and share relevant lessons from their own experience.


A different approach to consultancy.

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