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Tailored Mentoring programme

Mentoring programmes tailored to fit you as a leader and your objective. Using an effective blend of executive coaching and leadership mentoring from an experienced practitioner leader.

What I Offer:

tailored programme

Tailored Programme

Depending on what you want to achieve, we tailor a programme of 6-12 monthly 90 minute sessions to enable you to do so. Normally with a monthly cadence.

Blended mentoring

Blended Mentoring

Each client benefits from a different blend of non-directive coaching, challenges and sharing resources. All clients benefit from time to think and being heard.


Measured progress

We agree on how best to measure your progress. Whether using Goal Attainment Scaling, feedback surveys or other metrics. To ensure progress is made.

What mentoring clients leave with:

Time to Think

Time to Think

Clients consistently cite how much they benefitted from protected time to think. This improved the clarity of their thinking and increased their self-awareness.

Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice

These sessions also train clients to develop a reflective practice. Taking regular time out to reflect on what they have learnt from changes in behaviour.


Accountability for actions

Clients also cite how much they benefitted from being held accountable. In each session, clients identify actions to take, which we review in next session.

How could mentoring help you develop as a leader?

Leaders who invest in our mentoring service report a significant improvement, not just in their clarity of thinking & self awareness, but also visible progress recognised by others.

The progress each leader makes is as unique as each of our clients. But, to give you an indication of the benefits others have realised, these have included: promotion; improved feedback from key stakeholders; improved success influencing C-Suite & improved team morale and motivation. Use of our 360-feedback service has often helped validate some of the progress made.

Set your Goal

In our first session, you will decide on an initial development objective or a problem you want to overcome.

Use of Coaching Models

Different models may be used if they will help you. These include Narrative, Gestalt, Positive Psychology & CBC.

Your personal Action Plan

Sessions are focussed on both time to reflect & identifying behavioural changes as actions to complete.

Next Steps:

Working with Laughlin Consultancy as your leadership mentoring provider is simple. Through 3 easy steps, a tailored mentoring approach is agreed and delivered as a live online session(s). You have full visibility of content & cost throughout.

Chemistry Call

An initial conversation for us to get to know each other, agree on what you need and decide if we would work well together.


Once we agree the best approach for you & your priorities, I will send you a proposal for a bespoke mentoring programme.


Mentees are sent invites to live online mentoring sessions. Following each session actions are confirmed by email.

Thanks to a series of mentoring sessions with Paul, I learned to deal with some of the difficulties I faced in my job. He helped me to uncover the problems and provided tools to deal with them, in a very pleasant and professional way. Thank you again!

Elsbeth Kottelenberg

Head of Visitor Experience, Informa Markets, Amsterdam

All our mentoring work with leaders is grounded in two foundations. Firstly, over 20 years of practitioner leader experience in creating and leading such teams. Secondly, continuous professional development as an executive coach & mentor. Paul is accredited as a Senior Practitioner of coaching & mentoring by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

The latter is supported by regular qualified supervision and a personal development programme focussed on coaching & mentoring best practice to help our clients. Paul Laughlin is also part of the University of South Wales’ Wales Coaching Centre.

What our Clients say:

The most helpful aspect of my mentoring was a consistent challenge and accountability for personal development.  This was coupled with actionable advice and suggestions for how to approach challenges in different ways that I took back into the business through my day-to-day work.

This meant I was always trying different things and approaching problems with a positive mindset, rather than letting things fester.

Similarly, the opportunity for regular reflective practice and the luxury of a session with a respected professional whom I trusted was reassuring and reinvigorating. It kept me motivated and focussed to continually grow and push myself in different directions.

Tim Jones

Head of Customer & Trading Analytics, RSA Insurance

Paul is a great leadership mentor. Working with him helped me both understand how I needed to develop as a leader and make significant progress. Starting from only a vague idea of what I needed, sessions with Paul helped me identify challenges & choices.

Additionally, Paul held me to account to deliver. Through the sessions, I grew in confidence and awareness of what a leader needs to consider. I recommend Paul as a mentor for those wanting to progress in their leadership careers.

Dave Crowe

Governance Manager, Virgin Money

I worked with Paul as an insight leader mentor and would recommend him to anyone looking to either develop into ‘bigger’ leadership roles in the field of insight or equally to master the role they currently occupy.

Paul’s mentoring was incredibly professional, striking the perfect balance of challenging questions with offering advice and approaches based on his considerable experience as an insight leader and would encourage anyone looking to further their career to bigger roles or master the role they currently occupy to look to Paul to support in that capacity I look forward to working with Paul again.

Graham Davis

Head of Marketing Strategy & Insight, Ageas

How to speak to Paul:

“Authentic leadership is not defined by a particular style, but by the quality of consciousness and the level of reflective and integrative awareness that informs, intuitively or more explicitly, a manager’s choices, judgements and interpersonal behaviours. It is not that managers need perfect awareness and adaptability to be authentic, but they need a ‘good enough’ awareness to get the best out of themselves in relation to their colleagues and organisations.”

Coaching for authentic leadership‘ by Graham Lee & Ian Roberts