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One-off Taster Mentoring Session

A free one-off session for you to experience leadership mentoring from Paul Laughlin. Enabling you to assess the suitability of our mentoring for your role. Taste and see if it helps.

What I Offer:


Free Taster

Opportunity to dip your toe in the water, to see if mentoring is suitable for you, your challenge and your circumstances.


VBCBC methodology

To ensure this session provides standalone benefit, we will utilise the Very Brief Cognitive Behavioural Coaching method.

Ongoing coaching

Opportunity to continue

Based on our conversation we can also explore whether ongoing mentoring support would help you.

What mentoring clients leave with:

Insights gained

Fresh Insights

Protected time to think as well as a methodical approach enable clients to gain fresh insights.

Actions to take

Actions to take

This approach enables clients to identify behavioural actions that they wish to take as a result of reflection.

Ongoing accountability

Optional accountability

If we both identify that ongoing accountability to complete your actions would help you this can be arranged.

Don’t know if leadership mentoring will help you?

To help you assess the suitability of mentoring for you, Laughlin Consultancy offers a free single 90-minute session free of charge.

Protected time to think well. Working with a qualified executive coach & mentor (Paul Laughlin) on a real-life issue. Take mentoring for a test drive, to see how a structured approach can help you develop as a leader and think better.

Set your Goal

In this session, you will decide on one development objective or one problem you want to overcome.

Tackle your Barriers

You will tackle limiting assumptions. Identifying and dealing with any thinking that hinders you.

Agree your Action Plan

Devise and commit to an action plan to achieve your goal, recognising how you can support this & what will help you.

Next Steps:

Working with Laughlin Consultancy as your leadership mentoring provider is simple. Through 3 easy steps, a tailored mentoring approach is agreed and delivered as a live online session(s). You have full visibility of content & cost throughout.

Chemistry Call

An initial conversation for us to get to know each other, agree on what you need and decide if we would work well together.


Once we agree the best content & delivery platform, you will be provided with a costed proposal or recommended a Taster Session.


Mentees are sent invites to live online mentoring sessions. Following each session actions are confirmed by email.

Paul has a great mix of skills that have helped me understand my own motives and rationale, as well as helping me achieve the goals that I wanted to achieve. The coaching process has been interesting, enlightening and rewarding. I recommend Paul to anyone who feels a bit stuck, or who feels they can achieve more.

Tim Watson

Chief Finance Officer, The FD Centre Ltd

All our mentoring work with leaders is grounded in two foundations. Firstly, over 20 years of practitioner leader experience in creating and leading such teams. Secondly, continuous professional development as an executive coach & mentor.

The latter is supported by regular qualified supervision and a personal development programme focussed on coaching & mentoring best practice to help our clients. Paul Laughlin is also part of the University of South Wales’ Wales Coaching Centre.

What our Clients say:

Paul helped me to be clearer on what I wanted to achieve in my new role and to focus on what was important to me. I put huge pressure on myself to deliver everything – without compromise.

Paul helped me focus on measurable goals – and levels of goals I’d be happy to accept – rather than the focus on everything being perfect. This led me to achieve much more.

Andy Sutton

Head of Data & Personalisation, Endeavour Drinks

I have benefitted hugely from working with Paul. The experience was challenging and revealing in the best and most productive way. Paul’s perceptiveness and encouragement allowed me to feel safe in being honest and making myself vulnerable; so that in the end the insights I needed to have were truly my own. His focus on committing to actions held me accountable for my own progress, and set a model for the future.

Andrew Renton

Keeper of Art, Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum of Wales

It was a real pleasure to work with Paul. As my mentor, he was of real benefit to me. I came to greatly value his counsel, guidance and help. Working with Paul enabled me to establish a self-reflection practice and look holistically at my life and priorities. Paul has an awesome ability to question, listen, digest, understand, guide and challenge. An actions based approach also helped to ensure I was regularly held to account. I fully recommend Paul as a mentor to all those who want to grow and develop themselves as leaders.

Mark Grover

Data Privacy Manager, Aviva

How to speak to Paul:

“To make the most of this single session we will follow a Very Brief Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (VBCBC) approach. Further details on this method can be found here.

During our work together you will:

  • Set a development objective or a goal to overcome a problem
  • Devise an action plan to achieve that objective/goal
  • Identify and deal with any obstacles that may hinder you
  • Commit to implementing your plan & recognise how to support this

This will help you recognise your own resourcefulness and tackle unhelpful thinking patterns that may be hindering your progress.”

Paul Laughlin