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360-degree Feedback Service

Identify your leadership strengths & blindspots through a 360 feedback exercise grounded in academic research. The Integrated Leadership Model applied for today's data & analytics leaders.

What I Offer:

360 degree

360 degree survey

Surveying your peers, together with more senior and more junior colleagues to gain a 360-degree view.

360 feedback analysis

Robust analysis of results

Identifying themes and patterns in responses to survey questions. Analysis grounded in robust research. 

ideas for action

Debrief to enable you to act

1 to 1 Mentoring session to debrief you on the result. Helping you to identify what matters most & how to act.

What 360-degree feedback clients leave with:

Insights gained

Fresh Insights

Protected time to think as well as a methodical approach enable clients to gain fresh insights.

Actions to take

Actions to take

This approach enables clients to identify behavioural actions that they wish to take as a result of reflection.

Ongoing accountability

Optional accountability

If we both identify that ongoing accountability to complete your actions would help you this can be arranged.

How are you really perceived as a leader?

Leaders will fail to develop as they need without effective feedback. Too many leaders suffer from blind spots in their leadership style that cause them to inadvertently create a negative perception. 

Through applying the academic rigour of the Integrated Leadership Model, Laughlin Consultancy offers you the opportunity to gain the feedback that you need as a leader. Structured feedback from your junior, peer & senior colleagues.

Identify your stakeholders

Together we identify stakeholders who should be surveyed (an appropriate blend of junior, peer & senior colleagues).

Recognise your strengths

As well as identifying any blind spots, your debrief will help you recognise how to play to the strengths of your leadership style. 

Agree your Action Plan

Devise and commit to an action plan in response to your profile, as well as identifying any support you need to achieve your development plan.

Next Steps:

Working with Laughlin Consultancy as your leadership mentoring provider is simple. Through 3 easy steps, a tailored mentoring approach is agreed and delivered as a live online session(s). You have full visibility of content & cost throughout.

Chemistry Call

An initial conversation for us to get to know each other, agree on what you need and decide if we would work well together.


Once we agree on your key stakeholders, you will be provided with a costed proposal for a 360-degree feedback exercise.


Surveys will be emailed to stakeholders agreed with you, results analysed & a date agreed to debrief you on the results.

The longer-term benefit of the 360-degree feedback (aside from the initial actions) was using the feedback later down the line as an input for planning my leadership development. It provided me with an independently curated reference point of my development areas that I could refer back to many months later and use again to shape future development. The most useful thing was the verbatim comments and recommendations added by Paul..

Tim Jones

Head of Customer & Trading Analytics, RSA Insurance

All our mentoring work with leaders is grounded in two foundations. Firstly, over 20 years of practitioner leader experience in creating and leading such teams. Secondly, our ongoing collaboration with universities and leading academic research.

Our 360-degree feedback tool is based on “The Integrated Leadership Model developed out of the research of  Doug Strycharczyk, Prof. Peter Clough & Dr Nollaig Heffernan. Our commercial application has been developed with their approval.

What our Clients say:

For me, the 360 feedback was an eye-opener in understanding perception vs reality. Where I thought I was in terms of Leadership behaviours and where other people saw me. 

It really helped me to see focus areas to address or do more of.  It also highlighted areas to watch out in case my management style or behaviours swung too far one way or the other. 

I would certainly encourage anyone else to undertake the exercise. It’s a great tool for me to have and refer back to.

Andy McCowen

Decisioning Manager, RSA Insurance

I have benefitted hugely from working with Paul. The experience was challenging and revealing in the best and most productive way. Paul’s perceptiveness and encouragement allowed me to feel safe in being honest and making myself vulnerable; so that in the end the insights I needed to have were truly my own. His focus on committing to actions held me accountable for my own progress, and set a model for the future.

Andrew Renton

Keeper of Art, Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum of Wales

Paul is a great leadership mentor. Working with him helped me both understand how I needed to develop as a leader and make significant progress. Starting from only a vague idea of what I needed, sessions with Paul helped me identify challenges & choices.

Additionally, Paul held me to account to deliver. Through the sessions, I grew in confidence and awareness of what a leader needs to consider. I recommend Paul as a mentor for those wanting to progress in their leadership careers.”

Dave Crowe

Governance Manager, Virgin Money

How to speak to Paul:

What I find particularly powerful about this approach is questions that consider the leader within their context. There are 10 questions about the leader’s personal determination to achieve high performance, 10 on engagement with other individuals and 10 on engaging with the wider organisation.

As the old saying goes, ’no man (or woman) is an island’. Most of the leaders I have met over the years, who struggle to fit into an organisation or drive forward the change they see is needed, have a clash of styles. They struggle with a different leadership approach than their peers, or a different mindset than the organisational culture. Recognising that can be a powerful first step.

For that reason, I’ve developed this tool to use with clients, aligned to 6 dimensions & 30 questions. It helps leaders understand their own integrated leadership style and how they might flex it to achieve greater impact.

Paul Laughlin (Mentor)