Our Mentoring Programmes

Leading a data, analytics or data science function is a challenging role requiring a wide range of skills.

One of our tailored mentoring programmes can help you get up the learning curve or maintain peak performance. We combine the best of qualified executive coaching with practitioner leader experience to help you develop.

The duration and length of mentoring programmes can vary to suit the client and what they are seeking to achieve. However 9 or 12 monthly sessions of 90 minutes are typical. Content varies depending on your goals, challenges & needs identified. Almost all sessions include elements of both sharing relevant options to try and enabling you to reflect to reach your own decisions.

Best practice in our mentoring is supported by qualifications, CPD, ongoing supervision and membership of a professional body (including their code of ethics a copy of which is shared with our clients).

Given the bespoke nature of our mentoring programmes the best place for us to start is with a conversation. A free consultation is also available for us to explore together what you want to achieve and what would help you.

Below are links to three different mentoring tools to meet different needs…


One-off Taster session

An opportunity to dip your toe in the water through experiencing a one-off session based on the Very Brief Cognitive Behavioural Coaching method.

Mentoring programme

Bespoke Mentoring programme

A tailored programme of regular mentoring sessions designed to raise your self awareness and enable you to achieve your contracted goals.


360 degree Feedback exercise

Academically grounded leadership capability assessment. Including a 360 degree feedback survey, analysis of the results and sessions to identify actions.

How to speak to Paul:

We will agree on a clear mentoring contract in our first meeting. This helps provide clarity as to the goals of these sessions and the commitment needed from both parties.

As well as benefitting from practical advice drawing on 30 years of leadership experience, most clients also benefit from elements of leadership coaching within these mentoring programmes. This will include actively listening to you, giving you time to think, helping you become more aware of options and holding you accountable for the changes you choose to make.

Paul Laughlin (Mentor)