Our Values expressed in CSR

Laughlin Consultancy believes in business as a force for good in society. As well as helping the economy and minimising our carbon footprint, this means reinvesting a portion of our profits into charities that are making a positive difference.

Our chosen charity = The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a project that provides a welcome and support for refugees and asylum seekers in Newport, South Wales. Our aim is to restore a sense of belonging and community to people who have fled from war and persecution in their homelands and are seeking safety in the UK. Relationships are at the heart of the project, and we always focus on the individual people, not projects.

In addition to befriending and emotional support, The Sanctuary offers practical support to refugees and asylum seeker communities in Newport through a wide range of advocacy initiatives. We support asylum seekers and refugees in accessing mainstream services, help develop and utilise skills through volunteering, promote inclusion and emotional wellbeing through social activities and reduce social exclusion by developing English language skills.

How our chosen charity helps the community


The Sanctuary runs a range of activities throughout the week. There are English classes for men and women as well as drop-in services offering help in accessing other services and advocacy.  There is also a Mums and Toddlers group, a Games Night for men and an after-school Youth Club, which provides a safe space for unaccompanied minors to socialise with local young people and access appropriate support. 

The Sanctuary also provides a weekly meal as part of a drop-in café open to both men and women, and we organise a number of other occasional social events and opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees throughout the year, including trips to other parts of Wales, often in partnership with other organisations that support refugees and asylum seekers. Our activities are open to people of all faiths (and none) and we are pleased to welcome participants from all around the world, from many different cultures and backgrounds.

We work in partnership with other agencies such as Oxfam, Tearfund, Seedbed Christian Community Trust, the Welsh Refugee Council, Aneurin Bevan Health Board, Newport City Council and the British Red Cross.


Trustee relationship 

The Sanctuary is the largest project of the registered charity The Gap Wales (link will take you to their entry on Charity Commission directory, so you can see registration details and financial reports).

To ensure active engagement in our chosen charity, Paul Laughlin has joined the Board of Trustees. Bringing commercial and leadership skills to complement the expertise of fellow trustees from the local community. This helps ensure we take an active role in ensuring our chosen charity continues to be a cost effective force for good in our society.




To find out more and support directly

You can find out more about the work of The Sanctuary, including how to support them directly, via their website: