About Us

Laughlin Consultancy helps companies generate sustainable value from their customer insight, for example by growing their bottom line, improving customer retention and demonstrating to their regulator that they treat customers fairly.

Paul Laughlin, managing director, added over ?10m to the bottom line of blue chip companies each year, by removing common barriers to realising that value.

This is achieved by enabling businesses to maximise the value they can drive, from using data, analytics & research, to intelligently interact with their customers. It also means ensuring customer insight teams, especially their leaders, have the knowledge and skills they need to sustain this improvement.

Every business that we help is different and so what?s needed can vary. For that reason, the best place to start is normally for us to have a conversation, about what you are trying to achieve and your current situation. Only when we understand that, will we be in a position to suggest possible actions to maximise your returns.

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Introducing the Laughlin Consultancy. We help businesses maximise the value of their customer insight and sustain that value generation through leadership co...

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Laughlin Consultancy is delighted to announce our?Charity of the Year?is?Wrap Pyjama Fairies.

Being a UK-based business, we were looking for a UK focussed smaller charity who demonstrated two things that are critical for our clients:

  • real insight into the needs of those they sought to help
  • making a tangible difference, that is welcomed by those they help

Paul Laughlin, MD, summarises why we chose to sponsor this charity:

?Laughlin Consultancy is delighted to sponsor the great work done by Wrap Pyjama Fairies. As a father & grandfather, you see how upsetting visits to hospital can be for young children; let alone scary procedures. Through caring & careful work, in providing custom-made pyjamas & surgical gowns that kids love, Wrap Pyjama Fairies makes a real difference. With their insight into what helps children & their parents through such difficult times, they show it really can be the little things that make all the difference. Heartwarming hard work, that deserves to be supported.?

You can find out more about how they help children & parents, or get involved yourself,?here.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my child?s gown and pyjamas. He absolutely loved them, especially the pyjamas. He decided that they were a nicer version of the scrubs that nurses and doctors wear in theatre and that helped him stay in control.

He wore them today and he was brilliant, none of the screaming and crying that normally happens when he goes to hospital.

He has had 12 operations so far aged 3 with many more to come. Hospital stays for us involve screaming from him and trauma for us both. Today you have made a huge difference to us both and today has been a much better experience.


Every business that we help is different. That’s why we offer bespoke services tailor made for your company.