We are delighted to announce that our MD, Paul Laughlin, has recently achieved the award of the EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA). This has been achieved at the professional designation of Senior Practitioner level. This marks the culmination of Paul’s coaching and mentoring practice over the last eight and half years, including over 400 hours of such work with our clients.

This a great honour and Paul is delighted to have achieved this. It also builds on his previous professional qualifications from the ILM. Both a Level 7 post-graduate certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring and a post-graduate diploma (L7 PGD) with the same focus.

Alongside this professional accreditation, Paul has also joined the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). This is the new professional body supporting his coaching & mentoring practice. His reason for changing professional bodies (he was previously a member of the Association for Coaching) is in the new name. Mentoring is included in the title of the EMCC.

Over the last eight years, we have increasingly seen that clients of our services require a blend of coaching and mentoring. Technical leaders benefit from a coach who understands their language, but they are also seeking some advice. Paul is able to provide both, due to his own career experience and the continued training, research and consultancy work he delivers for clients. He also believes that a blended approach has proved the most powerful help to our clients.

Joining the EMCC is a recognition by Laughlin Consultancy of the greater focus on mentoring within this professional body. Paul looks forward to actively contributing to communities within the EMCC including the Mentoring Special Interest Group. Helping the profession and research community to recognise professional mentoring as ‘coaching plus’ not a poor relation to traditional executive coaching.

Many thanks to all our wonderful mentoring and coaching clients over the last 8 years. It has been a privilege to work with you on your own journey of personal development. You have also taught Paul so much over those years and played a key role in his development as a coach and mentor. So, in all truth congratulations are due to you too. This accreditation affirms the quality of the work you have both done together to develop as leaders and professionals. Well done.