Our founder, Paul Laughlin, presented on the topic of Digital Transformation at an event hosted by the University of South Wales for welsh healthcare providers. Attendees were present from NHS Wales as well associated suppliers and those working in the social care & supporting sectors.

The event was entitled an “ILA Digital Community Showcase.” It brought together leaders and practitioners in healthcare from across Wales. Its purpose was to raise awareness and understanding of Digital Transformation and how to develop the skills that leaders will need to navigate this change. This was being shared in the context of both Welsh Government & NHS public strategies to implement sweeping digital transformations across both organisations.

Paul’s talk was explaining the role of big data & analytics in this wider digital transformation of healthcare providers. To support that message, he also explained:

  • The need for Digital Transformation
  • What Digital Transformation really means
  • Understanding the enabling technologies
  • What Big Data & Analytics means in practice
  • The evidence of 75% of such projects failing
  • Focus needed on data quality & foundations
  • 3 tips for succeeding with DT change projects

As well as thoroughly enjoying this gathering, Paul’s presentation received a warm welcome and praise for explaining technologies in a way everyone could understand.

You can download a copy of Paul’s presentation on our SlideShare site:

Big Data and Analytics in your Organisation talk.pdf

My presentation to the ILA Digital Community Showcase event at the Vale Hotel in Glamorgan on 7 Oct 2022. Introducing the topic of Digital Transformation to he…

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