Paul Laughlin recently spoke to over 60 leaders within the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors’ Data Analytics Forum. Paul was asked to share what he has learnt from his many years of training such teams & mentoring data leaders. So, he shared with delegates the 9-step model of Softer Skills that have helped analysts. He augmented that with reflections on the equivalent skills journey for data leaders. Together they all reflected on the challenges & opportunities for data leaders today.

It was a really enjoyable session with insightful questions for the leaders present. Most of them are leading or seeking to pioneer data analytics teams within internal audit functions. This is a very varied audience. CIIA data leaders spanned civil service, small businesses & massive corporations. They also came from all market sectors.

Internal Audit Analytics – it started (for us) with a podcast interview

This talk came about as a result of the podcast interview that Paul recently hosted with Peter Jones. Peter is Head of Data for the Internal Audit department of Legal & General. In that recording, Peter explained how data & analytics is increasingly transforming the work of internal auditors. You can hear more about that & the lessons Peter has learnt in his career in that podcast episode:

Episode 54 – Peter Jones (Legal & General)

Listen to this episode from Customer Insight Leader podcast on Spotify. For episode 54 my guest is Peter Jones, who is Head of Data for Internal Audit at the UK insurer Legal & General. During our conversation, we explore many lessons that Peter has learnt during his career.

Following that conversation, Peter invited Paul to share with the CIIA’s Data Analytics Forum. Peter has also benefitted from both the mentoring & training services provided by Laughlin Consultancy. As host for Paul’s talk, he was kind enough to share how those services have helped both his leadership development & his team. You can find out more about both our training services and our mentoring programmes by clicking on those links.

Paul’s presentation to Internal Audit Analytics leaders

Paul’s talk to the CIIA’s Data Analytics Forum includes three parts. First, he shared how challenging the role of data leaders can be, given the number of hats they have to wear. Then he explained how Laughlin Consultancy’s 9-step Softer Skills model helps analysts and data teams. Finally, he shared the themes he has learnt from over 250 hours of mentoring data & analytics leaders. Summarising the skills & approaches that have helped them develop & succeed in their roles. His slides are available on our SlideShare channel:

Paul Laughlin

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