We are delighted to announce that the Laughlin Consultancy is one of the founder members of the new MyCustomer directory published to showcase trusted CX suppliers.

Recent research undertaken by MyCustomer confirmed that their brand is trusted and influential during supplier selection processes for their members. Over 40% of members participating in that survey reported that they made purchasing decisions based on what they had read on MyCustomer.com.

Given our long association with the Sift Media team behind the MyCustomer brand, we were delighted to be approached to participate in their new service. They have launched a vendor/consultant directory as a database of suppliers within 9 categories. This will help all types of businesses to create shortlists of potential suppliers to help meet their needs.

Find out more about the new My Customer directory

You can find out more about the purpose of this directory and why MyCustomer is launching this series in their blog post:

MyCustomer makes solution selection simpler with new directory

When MyCustomer conducted a recent readership survey, we were delighted to learn just how influential we are in the purchasing processes of our members. Over 40% of our members have made purchasing decisions based on what they have seen on MyCustomer.

The range of services and free resources listed for the Laughlin Consultancy

At present, Laughlin Consultancy is listed under the Consultancy category of suppliers. However, as the directory evolves this will be refined to cover the training, mentoring and speaking services that we provide. Using this new directory, CX leaders around the world can discover Laughlin Consultancy and via our entry the free resources that we provide for the community. This includes both our Customer Insight Leader blog and Customer Insight Leader podcast. Both contain content relevant for CX leaders as well as those in the data, analytic and customer insight communities.

You can find our entry in the new MyCustomer directory here:

Laughlin Consultancy

The services of Laughlin Consultancy Ltd are delivered by Paul Laughlin. With over 20 years of experience in creating and leading data & analytics teams, Paul now focusses on helping other leaders master ‘The People side of Data & Analytics’.