Our founder, Paul Laughlin, recently appeared as a guest on the popular Change Management podcast broadcast by the University of South Wales (USW).

Following on from an appearance on this podcast in series 2 (talking about Digital Transformation), this time Paul was sharing his thinking on Customer Insight.

For series 3 of USW’s Change Management podcast, the host is Professor Jonathan Deacon who is Professor of Marketing. Throughout this series Jonathan is aided by Phil Harfield from the Faculty of Creative Industry (an expert in Design Thinking). Season 3 focuses on exploring the concept of Design Thinking, including the topic of episode 2 which is Customer Engagement and Customer Insight.

Paul Laughlin joins Jonathan & Phil for episode 2, to share from his experience in generating customer insights and helping organisations develop this capability.

In this episode, Paul, Phil and Jonathan share their thinking & experience on topics including:

  • What is Customer Engagement?
  • What is Customer Insight?
  • How can they help businesses?
  • What does this mean for customers?
  • How can a business get started with Customer Insight?
  • What are the risks for businesses that don’t develop this capability

Paul thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and is delighted to see USW continue to develop their helpful & accessible podcast series. Laughlin Consultancy looks forward to continuing to partner with the University of South Wales to help businesses, leaders and students in South Wales prepare for the future.

If you want to get your head around what Customer Engagement means in practice, behind the hype, this podcast episode is a great place to start. You can find it on all leading podcast platforms, including Spotify:

S3E2. Customer Experience

Listen to this episode from The Change Management Podcast on Spotify. In this season we explore the concept of Design Thinking, with hosts Professor Jonathan Deacon and Phil Harfield. In this episode we will be discussing how customers are motivated and digitally empowered to seek out ‘meaningful’ experiences with organisations.