We are delighted to announce that Laughlin Consultancy have now partnered with the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) to bring a new Data Visualisation training course to market.

Through this training, marketing executives & managers can gain an insight into the design decisions needed to create effective data visualisations. Opening our eyes to the vital role of visually presenting data to help everyone cope with the volume & complexity of data today’s decision-makers need to consider.

Presenting data alone is insufficient to engage and persuade your audience. Today’s omnichannel campaigns and marketing automation solutions also create increasingly complex data. Effective use of data visualisation uses the power of external cognition to reduce that complexity and enable your audience to engage with your key message. If you plan to deploy advanced analytics or data science in your business, data visualisation is key to enabling your stakeholders to understand your recommendations. 

In this workshop, we will show you how to leverage the power of data visualisation; how to simplify complex messages and bring your customer insights to life. 

The learning outcomes of this new training for CIM members are:

  • Understand the power of data visualisation to communicate 
  • Use a 4-step data visualisation workflow to improve quality 
  • Declutter a chart & dashboard to improve communication 
  • Make effective use of colour to enhance data visualisation 
  • Review a range of chart & map types and how to experiment 
  • Understand the design principles that improve visual communication 
  • Critique data visualisations and benefit from peer review 
  • Navigate the data visualisation software marketplace   

Here is a short video of Paul Laughlin talking you through what to expect from this course:

We look forward to continuing to partner with the CIM to enhance the data visualisation skills and graphicacy of today’s marketeers. You can discover more details & book your place via this page on the CIM’s website:

Data Visualisation

To qualify for the discount bookings must be paid for and completed by 31 July 2021. View terms & conditions. Data visualisation is the most effective way to communicate marketing data in a form that others can understand and act upon. However, designing data visualisations that successfully communicate the most important insights in your data takes skill and practice.

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