Paul Laughlin was a keynote speaker at the latest online conference run by #DataVizLive (organised by Tucana Global).

In his presentation, Paul made the case for the importance of Softer Skills for analysts to make a measurable difference in their businesses. In the context of this conference, Paul highlighted the other skills needed in addition to Data Visualisation and Storytelling skills. To do this, he introduced delegates to the Laughlin Consultancy 9-step model for effective analysis.

This presentation was also a preview (or taster) for a public half-day workshop that Paul is also running in partnership with #DataVizLive. During that half-day workshop, delegates will be able to explore & learn about the skills that matter most for them. A copy of Paul’s slides (from this preview presentation) is available on our SlideShare channel:

The Softer Skills that analysts need (beyond Data Visualisation)

Helping you Maximise the Value of your Customer Insight Published on A talk I gave at #DataVizLive online event in Nov 2020. Introducing the Laughlin Consultancy 9-step model for Softer Skills needed by Analysts & previewing some of those steps (beyond data visualisation & storytelling skills). 1.

This video of Paul’s live talk is also available on our YouTube channel:

Most analysts have never been trained in how to do their job. That sounds like a shocking statement, but research suggests the majority of analysts have only received training in programming, software packages or data specific to the organisation. Very few have ever received training on a workflow, for completing analysis work. Even fewer have been trained in all the softer skills needed to complement their technical skills.

Our public half-day workshop on 19th November is designed to provide both an introduction to the softer skills that analysts need, and a 9-step workflow. Grounded in 15 years’ experience of creating and leading analytics teams, this workshop enables analysts to understand the role softer skills play, as well as identify their ‘gaps’. Delegates will leave with greater self-awareness, a model to benchmark their performance and recommended resources to continue their own CPD.

Here are details of what to expect in this half-day live online workshop and how to register:

Soft Skills Workshop for Analysts to Succeed in Business | DataVizLive

A half-day workshop of soft skills that analysts and data visualisers need, in addition to their technical skills. Including a 9-step model for analysis.