Paul Laughlin was one of two keynote speakers at a popular online event arranged by the Analytics Network within The OR Society.

Delegates attended from across the UK, as well as right across Europe and as far away as Singapore. Both speakers were well received by delegates who positively engaged with questions and discussion. The two topics helped those attending explore two vital topics for analysts to work effectively in business today.

In the first presentation, Valeria Cortez Vaca Diez who is a Senior Data Scientist for Monzo Bank presented on overcoming bias. Her presentation helped bring to life the ways bias in data & modelling approaches can be recognised & addresses. This helped lead to an active discussion about the importance of Ethics education for analysts & business leaders.

Paul Laughlin, the host of Customer Insight Leader podcast, then presented on the importance of Softer Skills for analysts. He presented a brief overview of his 9-step model for effective analysis. As well as making the case for Softer Skills being critical for analysts’ success, Paul went on to give previews into the Softer Skills needed within 4 of those 9 steps. This presentation provides listeners with some insights into the Softer Skills training course available from Laughlin Consultancy.

A video of Paul’s talk is available on The Operational Research Society YouTube channel:

A copy of Paul’s slides are available for download from our SlideShare channel:

Presentation to Analytics Network of the OR Society Nov 2020

Helping you Maximise the Value of your Customer Insight Published on Presentation on ‘The Softer Skills that Analysts need’ presented by Paul Laughlin at a virtual event run for the Analytics Network group within the UK OR Society. Exploring Paul’s 9 Step Model for effective analysis & explaining how Softer Skills are essential throughout that workflow.

Paul Laughlin continues to be available as a professional speaker and chair for events serving the data & analytics community. Further details on our Speaking service are available on this site.