On 20th October 2020, Data Leaders Summit Europe ran an Autumn virtual event. At this, Paul Laughlin hosted two webinars. We’ve previously published details of the first interview session on Marketing Analytics.

In the second, Paul chaired a panel to discuss the topic of how to structure your data division to meet the needs of today’s businesses. The expert panel of data leaders joining Paul to explore this topic was:

Together, they discussed different aspects that data leaders need to consider when designing the data division needed by their business. Their conversation covers a number of challenges including:

  • How can data teams keep close to the business stakeholders they support?
  • Where should data teams focus in order to enable business agility?
  • How can data teams prioritise what is most important & measure the value they add?
  • Does a Centre of Excellence model enable analysts to make data roles look good?
  • How can data teams within that division ensure they have effective internal communication?
  • Does the COVID-19 pandemic change how data divisions should be organised?

Paul and Laughlin Consultancy were delighted to again partner with the Data Leaders Summit Europe, to bring data & analytics leaders fresh and helpful virtual events. Serving the active community that has grown up around the annual Data Leaders Summit events.

A video of this interview is now available on our YouTube channel:

Paul Laughlin continues to be available as both a professional speaker, chair and interviewer for events. Further details on that service are available here.