Data & Analytics leaders and their teams have needed to adapt to effective online remote working, just as much as others. For that reason, we have been investing in ensuring our services are all available online to help them.

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of all Laughlin Consultancy digital presences. Together with redeveloping our services to ensure they are effective online experiences, we have also redesigned our website, blog & podcast.

Here is a quick summary of the digital presences provided by Laughlin Consultancy to support data & analytics leaders:

Laughlin Consultancy website

This website has been redesigned to provide details of our online services to support data & leaders and their teams. These include more details on what to expect, the benefits for your business and testimonials from clients.

Services available online (so far) include:

On each of those pages, you can also book an online consultation to discuss your needs. Every service we provide is tailored to ensure it meets the needs of our clients, so we welcome hearing what you need.

Customer Insight Leader blog

With a new look and feel, our award winning free blog for data & analytics leaders has also been relaunched. Here we continue to provide weekly fresh content to inform & encourage our leadership community. This inlcudes:

To ensure you don’t miss any of that regularly updates relevant content, you can sign-up for our weekly newsletter (on right-hand-side of any page). A brief summary of new posts delivered to your inbox every Monday, so you can start your week right.

Customer Insight Leader podcast

Launched this year, this addition to our main digital presences seeks to lift the veil on data & analytics leadership roles. Helping you get behind the hype by hearing first hand from leaders working in the field. In each episode, host Paul Laughlin interviews a new leader to explore their career journey, challenges, lessons learned & tips for others.

This popular new podcast is available on all leading podcasting apps, so you can subscribe on your favourite:

Social Media presences

Our new digital emphasis is also extended to our active engagement in a number of social media networks. Here our emphasis is on connecting with today’s data & analytics leaders and sharing best practice. It’s good to talk and we are always keen to hear what data & analytics leaders are thinking, feeling & doing. So, please feel free to follow/connect on any or all of our social media presences:

We hope all the above digital presences and the resources help you develop as a leader. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like us to share or content topics that would help you. We look forward to talking with you.