Paul Laughlin recently led a discussion at a Supper Club for data leaders, exploring this question: Are data leaders’ roles more challenging than other leadership roles? If so, why? Do they need different support for their leadership development?

It was a great evening prompting lots of active discussions & online voting by the assembled data leaders. However, that supper club is an invitation-only private event for senior data leaders, so those discussions are confidential.

So to enable Laughlin Consultancy to share Paul’s thinking with a wider audience we have published a separate video recording of Paul explaining his presentation. This topic should be of interest to all data leaders (including CDOs) and those who aspire to such a challenging role. It might also help fellow senior leaders better understand those challenges.

Paul has published a personal video of his presentation on our YouTube channel:

We have also published a copy of Paul’s slides on our Slideshare channel:

Do data leaders face unique challenges as leaders?

A leadership development talk given to private event for senior data leaders – it sparked some really useful conversations. To find out more please checkout: h…

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of the data leader challenges with Paul, please use our Contact Page to pass on that message or directly book a video meeting with Paul. Our mentoring services are helping a number of data leaders develop in their roles and master the many ‘hats’ they have to wear. You can find out more about the different options for mentoring support on our Mentoring pages.