The first online version of popular Data Visualisation conference #datavizlive was held on 27th May. It was chaired by Paul Laughlin & attracted speakers & delegates from around the world.

From starting the morning in Australia, presenters participated from across UK & Europe, before finishing the day hearing from USA states. The breadth and quality of the content were praised by delegates, who actively participated in live Q&A sessions.

A complete debrief of the event has been published on our sister blog, in this series of two blog posts:

So much more to learn at the first #datavizlive online, chair’s reflections

This week, I had the pleasure of chairing the first-ever #datavizlive online event. Following on from the excellent #datavizlive conference in London earlier this year ( which I’ve shared previously). It was an interesting experience as a chairperson, using Microsoft Teams rather than seeing a physical audience.

Thinking deeper about the importance of Data Viz @datavizlive online

This post continues my debrief from the first-ever @ datavizlive online event. As I shared previously, I had the joy of chairing this event and so introducing a great line-up of Data Viz speakers. As before, let me apologise to those speakers whom I do not include in this debrief.

Full videos of the speakers (and Paul chairing), plus their slides, are available by purchasing a Premium membership from Datavizlive on their site (brought to you by Tucana Global):

DataVizLive – Online | Data Visualisation Online Conference, May 2020

Be a part of this event, and join the growing movement of DataViz professionals that are driving business forward. If you’re not ready to join just yet, let us know where to reach you, and we’ll keep you in the loop – you’re welcome to join any time.

This online conference was the first of a series of online events and resources planned under the DataVizLive brand. Laughlin Consultancy is proud to be partnered with Tucana Global and others in bringing these online services to the wider data visualisation community.

A debrief from the inaugural (in person) #DataVizLive conference in London earlier this year is also still available from the Customer Insight Leader blog, together with a range of recommended books and other data visualisation resources:

So much more to see in the data at the first #datavizlive (part 1 of 2)

This week I had the pleasure of attending the first #datavizlive event to be run in London. There was so much good stuff there that I’m spreading this debrief over two blog posts. I’ll confess to being drawn to the event by the big-name headline speakers.

In addition, Laughlin Consultancy had developed an online version of our popular Data Visualisation training course. Contact us directly for further details on content and how to book.