An article, co-authored by?Paul Laughlin,?Professor Merlin Stone?& colleagues from?St Mary?s University, has been published in?The Bottom Line. An international journal, dedicated to data management and monetization. This academic journal is edited by?Prof Bang Nguyen?of East China University of Science & Technology.

Building on the success of their previous co-authored article, ?How Platforms are transforming CIM?, this article focuses on decision making within Marketing.

Entitled ?Artificial Intelligence (AI) in strategic marketing decision making? this article explores:

  • Applications of AI to support management decision-making
  • How this potential applies to Marketing teams (especially strategic marketing)
  • The risks of behavioural biases & manipulation
  • Potential benefits & progress to date
  • Unanswered questions & the future research agenda

Paul Laughlin assisted the academic co-authors by providing insight into commercial practice. Grounding the theory in what is being achieved. Balancing with examples of bias, bad practice and barriers to realising the potential value. This is part of ongoing collaboration for Laughlin Consultancy.

As a business, we continue to support collaborations with the University of South Wales, Cass Business School and others. This demonstrates our belief that a healthy collaboration between academia and commercial businesses is a critical part of both encouraging innovations & rebuilding our economy.

You can subscribe to the full publication at?Emerald Insight site:

Artificial intelligence (AI) in strategic marketing decision-making: a research agenda

The purpose of this paper is to review literature about the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in strategic situations and identify the research that is needed in the area of applying AI to strategic marketing decisions.,The approach was to carry out a literature review and to consult with marketing experts who were invited to contribute to the paper.,There is little research into applying AI to strategic marketing decision-making.

Otherwise, a full copy of this article is available from the author, for free on request.

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