In a time of crisis, as is now being faced by UK organisations, we want to help where we can. That is why Laughlin Consultancy is offering a free online coaching session to UK leaders who are facing tough decisions.

You can book a session now using the link shared below

With so many threats to your business & so much change happening so rapidly, it can feel like you have no time to think. But, at the same time, many lives can be impacted by you making well thought-through decisions.

So, to help leaders through this chaotic time, Paul Laughlin is offering a free leadership coaching session to support busy executives. Paul is a qualified Executive Coach (with ILM Diploma in Executive Coaching & Mentoring) and a member of the Association for Coaching (abiding by their global code of ethics).

What to expect from a coaching session

Given the single session being offered, it is recommended that a Very Brief Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (VBCBC) approach is taken. Further details on that method can be found here.

During our work together you will:

  • Set a development objective or a goal to overcome a problem
  • Devise an action plan to achieve that objective/goal
  • Identify and deal with any obstacles that may hinder you
  • Commit to implementing your plan & recognise how to support this

Our work together will help you to recognise your own resourcefulness and to tackle unhelpful thinking patterns that may be hindering your progress.

What our clients say about our coaching

An example of our many positive client references is this recent one:

?I have benefitted hugely from working with Paul. The experience was challenging and revealing in the best and most productive way. He has the skill of asking the right questions, not always the ones I expected but the ones that probed my own assumptions and led me in a supportive way to rethink my personal and professional development needs. Paul’s perceptiveness and encouragement allowed me to feel safe in being honest and making myself vulnerable, so that in the end the insights I needed to have were truly my own. I also found Paul’s methods highly effective: his focus on committing to actions held me accountable for my own progress, and set a model for the future; while the 360-degree assessment he facilitated was perhaps the most rewarding part of the whole process.? Andrew Renton, Keeper of Art, National Museum of Wales

So, Paul is well placed to offer you that sounding board or a safe space to think through your challenges. You can learn more about our leadership coaching service on this page in the Services section of this website.

Booking your free session:

Further resources and commentary on leadership coaching are also available on our Customer Insight Leader blog. For those who prefer hearing from other leaders, our Customer Insight Leader podcast is also available.

Best wishes to all other leaders at this difficult time. We will make it through, especially as we help one another where we can. We look forward to working with you in future.