Laughlin Consultancy is delighted to confirm our continued support for the MSc in Data Science at the University of South Wales. Paul Laughlin is delivering a module of this MSc as a guest lecturer. This covers Data Science workflows and the range of skills needed for Data Scientists to deliver change in their businesses.

This excellent new programme brings together local employers with academics. This was advocated by Customer Insight Leader blog, based on the experience of Scottish clients. It is good to see the University of South Wales (USW) adopting such an approach. Even better to see them also respond to our call to not overlook “Softer Skills”.

During this MSc in Data Science, graduates?learn a wide range of the skills needed (both technical & softer skills). Importantly, through effective partnerships, they also experience four different placements. This enables Data Science students to learn a wider range of approaches, to real-world problems.

Such cooperation between academic & commercial expertise is one of the reasons USW achieves 95% graduate employment (within 6 months). Laughlin Consultancy is proud to collaborate with such an approach. Helping to develop the next generation of Welsh Data Scientists.

Paul Laughlin kicked off this collaboration by delivering a day of training on Project Management. He will continue to collaborate with academics & USW Commercial Services leaders during 2019.

MSc Data Science | University of South Wales

MSc Data Science produces fully trained scientists, analysts and programmers that enable businesses to make better decisions and evaluate effectiveness.