Participating in the rising popularity of long-form podcasts, Paul Laughlin was recently interviewed by xTen podcast.

Akin to the longer reads in newspapers including the FT Big Read and Guardian Long Read (both now podcasts), there has been a rise in the popularity of longer podcasts. Episodes that give time for unhurried and more natural conversations between hosts and guests.

Laughlin Consultancy seeks to participate in changing the use of our social media and other digital channels. We already share content through presences on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and SlideShare. That’s in addition to our Customer Insight Leader blog (updated twice a week).

A series of audio interviews, with senior customer insight leaders, has recently been launched on Customer Insight Leader blog. If those episodes prove popular, expect to see the launch of Customer Insight Leader podcast later this year. So, when Paul Laughlin was invited to participate in a long-form style podcast, he was keen to give it a go. That conversation has now been published by the xTen podcast:

The xTEN Podcast – Episode 25 – William Buist – xTEN Club

Description In this Podcast… In conversation with Paul Laughlin Find out more about how Paul works with his clients to improve customer insight. You’ll find Paul on Linked In here. and his website is here… and his blog is here…

Many thanks to William Buist for that opportunity. Please do let us know what you think of that format.

Your feedback, as clients and those interested in our services, helps shape our media strategy. So, if you want more or fewer podcasts, longer or shorter, please leave a comment in the box below. Meanwhile, we hope our diversity of digital content is useful and entertaining.