Paul Laughlin recently hosted a very popular webinar, for Insurance Nexus, on the topic of Intelligent Automation within Insurance.

Focussing on the opportunity & challenges for Insurance businesses, in implementing AI, to improve many aspects of automation. Paul, asked the four resident AI experts to summarise their experience of using AI within Insurance businesses, in only 5 minutes! Each rose to the challenge admirably & the rest of this webinar was dedicated to answering questions from the virtual audience.

Over 1,000 signed-up for this popular webinar (a recording is available below). The expert panel consisted of both insurance leaders & AI experts, each with hand-on experience.

Paul’s AI panel was:

They were a great panel, with tons of practical wisdom to impart. Many thanks, to them all, for their candour & eloquence.

The popularity of this topic, was demonstrated by the many questions raised (more than the panel could address on this webinar). Fortunately, Insurance Nexus is also hosting the AI & Analytics Europe conference in London on 9-10 October, where most of the panel will be speaking. Hopefully the debate can continue there.

Here is a full recoding of the webinar:

For those interested in Intelligent Automation, Francesco also recently published a related guest blog post on our Customer Insight Leader blog:

InsurTech: bucking the trend of cautious insurers with AI innovation

How close are you to the AI innovation happening within the InsurTech sector? To promote debate, and deeper thinking amongst Customer Insight Leaders, this post balances our last one. Apparently contrary to that review (shared by SMA), in this post we look at lots of insurance innovation.

Further details on that Insurance Nexus conference will be published here as they become available. Paul Laughlin has acted as an advisor to help shape the agenda for this event.

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