An article, co-authored by Paul Laughlin, Professor Merlin Stone & colleagues from St Mary’s University, has been published in The Bottom Line. An international journal, dedicated to data management and data monetization. This academic journal is edited by Prof Bang Nguyen of East China University of Science & Technology.

Building on the success of their co-authored chapter in “The Dark Side of CRM“, this article focuses on the growing importance of platforms.

Entitled “How platforms are?transforming?customer information management”, this article explores:

  • Evidence as to the growing importance of information platforms (from academic research & commercial practice)
  • How digitization, cloud computing & new information platforms are changing data management & usage
  • Practical and research implications of new capabilities needed & new commercial opportunities
  • Industrial and Business to Consumer applications, including the scale of data from connected devices
  • Social implications of giant multi-sided platforms, including data protection & privacy concerns

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