Paul Laughlin, the founder of Laughlin Consultancy, was the keynote speaker for a GDPR breakfast briefing hosted by Practice Web.

This event, attended by over 30 partners & senior professionals from the accountancy sector, focussed on GDPR. Under the title, “GDPR Overview: The key impacts to prepare for in your firm“, Paul summarised key aspects & where to start. A generous breakfast was provided within the dining room at Sushi Samba (40th floor of the Heron Tower in London), a venue well worth considering.

Paul’s keynote presentation included information on:

  • Understanding GDPR (what it is, why we are getting it & why it matters)
  • The 6 principles of GDPR
  • 10 key concepts that will impact your business
  • How to respond (with 6 simple steps to get started)

We are delighted that our breakfast guests found the information so useful. Feedback was unanimously positive, with praise for the time that PracticeWeb and Paul gave to answering specific questions from guests.

A full summary of this talk, and how to communicate a GDPR overview in your own business, is available on this blog post from Customer Insight Leader:

How to go about communicating GDPR, with accountants over breakfast

This week, I had the pleasure of communicating GDPR to over 30 accountants, over breakfast. Now, I recognise that might sound like a potential snooze-fest, particularly after a good breakfast. In fact, it was a really enjoyable event. One, all involved, said had really helped them.

It was a real pleasure to work with PracticeWeb and we look forward to collaborating in future, to help accountancy firms. If you are seeking a professional speaker on timely data topics for your event, you can find details of our service here.