Paul Laughlin, founder of Laughlin Consultancy, was the keynote speaker at a breakfast briefing sponsored by MyCustomer and ForgeRock. This was held at the Royal Institute in London and focused on the topic of: “GDPR & Identity Management: The key to delivering a 5 star customer experience“.

Paul summarised the results of his recent research, surveying 1,000 UK consumers about their digital customer experience. Sponsored by MyCustomer & ForgeRock, this survey explored the extent of device switching when using digital services and the impact of that experience on both consumer trust and willingness to share data.

Through a combination of research results and business experience, Paul highlighted the challenges ahead for today’s businesses, including: GDPR; the data explosion from IoT devices; erosion of trust and ‘Dark Side‘ behaviour by consumers. However, despite warnings from the research and this advice, his talk ended on a positive note, encouraging today’s leaders to respond positively to GDPR and see this as an opportunity to implement a virtuous cycle of improvement. This positive model, for improving trust and sharing of personal data (in a post-GDPR world) was provided as a best practice example, alongside the case study from the BBC.

Further details can be found by downloading the full white-paper (with much more detail), that Paul has published on this topic:

How to win trust with digital experiences and GDPR

The digital landscape is becoming increasingly complex for customers and companies, and customer expectations around seamless omnichannel experiences are rising. In light of this we polled 1,000 UK consumers to examine how digital experiences are impacting customer relationships. Amongst other fascinating insights, the research reveals a direct correlation between high levels of customer effort and low levels of trust.

A copy of Paul’s slides are also available on his SlideShare account:

GDPR and Identity Management

Sharing results of researching 1k UK consumers on their digital customer experience, to show need for positive response to GDPR & the key role of Identity Rela…

We hope you find that white-paper to be useful, do get in contact if you’d like to discuss further advice on any of the topics raised.