Paul Laughlin was the first keynote speaker at a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) conference in Cardiff.

Entitled the “Marketing Analytics & Creative Conference“, this event brought together marketers from both data & design disciplines. A core theme was to explore whether or not the growing emphasis on data & analytics for marketing was “killing creative“.

Speakers from both sides shared how data analytics & creative design are complementary, rather than mutually exclusive.

A write-up of the event, with key points from all speakers, is available on our blog:

A copy of Paul’s slides are also available on our SlideShare presence:

The Softer Skills that analysts need to help Creatives

Helping you Maximise the Value of your Customer Insight Published on Presentation given at Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)’s “Marketing Analytics & Creative Conference” in Cardiff. 1. © Laughlin Consultancy Ltd, not to be used without permission. Paul Laughlin, Managing Director, Laughlin Consultancy The Softer Skills your analysts need Why just hiring a Data Scientist isn’t all you need 2.

All participants agreed it was a really useful event & a great opportunity to bring together the marketing community. It was especially pleasing to see all speakers reference points made on softer skills needed by analysts.

Another evidence of demand for our related training course.