Paul Laughlin (MD of Laughlin Consultancy) has been published on the DataIQ Blog (the digital replacement of their previous printed magazine) on how Belbin can help Data Science leaders.

As one of their headline articles, Paul shares on why Belbin Team Roles offer a good way to think about hiring your Data Science team.

He argues for a blend of skills & mindsets, rather than the one perfect candidate (by analogy representing the Myers Briggs personality type classification). This includes lists of the complementary roles needed in effective Data Science teams today.

More thoughts on how to get the best out of your Data Science team are also shared on our Customer Insight Leader blog. There is also a post on the need for more specialism in roles as your Data Science team grows.

Paul’s article for Data IQ blog includes advice from both his own experience and Data Science leaders across the world. This practical article should help anyone who is recruiting Data Scientists. You can read the full article online here:

Hiring a data science team? Think Belbin, not Myers Briggs

Do you still have an unfilled vacancy for that data scientist you think you need? Could it be that trying to a hire an individual data scientist is where your problem lies? McKinsey has predicted that, by 2018, the US alone may face a 50-6…